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Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities

A fixed indexed annuity is simply a tax-deferred, long-term savings option that is strategically designed to capture a portion of the market’s upside, with guarantees that you’ll experience no loss of premium or gains at milestones due to market downturns. It offers the safety of a traditional fixed annuity and the upside potential of a variable annuity. Again, the principal protection and gains at milestones are protected and guaranteed, no matter what the market does, and your investment grows tax deferred which allows you to enjoy compounded growth over time.

You do not directly invest in an index and your returns are based on how an index performs. You are credited during each term (“milestone”) of your contract which includes a floor (which insures no principal is lost) and a ceiling (which establishes a limit on the gains). Your gains are locked in for each term and cannot be affected by future downturns in the index.

There are several types of fixed indexed annuities. Some are designed for growth and accumulation, others offer guaranteed income for life, and if you have concerns about the potential expenses associated with nursing home care, you can adapt your FIA to those life changing situations. Most products are equipped with liquidity features that give you access to some of your retirement savings as well.

Annuities play an intelligent and vital role in your retirement accumulation strategy, offering both upside potential and premium protection against market risk. Peace of mind is what annuities bring to the table, which other retirement vehicles cannot. Most experts agree that one-third or more of your retirement should be protected in a fixed indexed annuity. Call CORE for details.